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The VHS dominated the home video market for almost three decades and it wasn't till the late 90's that DVD burst onto the scene becoming the new undisputed champion of home video. Most customers exactly where quick to convert to DVD's far superior format as the players as and the movies exactly where reasonably affordable correct out of the gate. This swift transition from VHS to DVD rendered the VHS format obsolete in a rather small span of time. As the 90's rolled into the early part of this decade customers saw fewer and fewer VCR's for sale as well as much more of their favorite titles being made available on DVD.

Replacing or repurchasing films on DVD was simple enough and for most consumers buying films they currently owned for a second time was a no brainer as the high quality of these films on DVD supplied a far greater viewing experience than previously possible. While the average customer was able to replace his/her Hollywood movie collection, owners of VHS videos made on VHS camcorders had no other option but to watch those films via a VCR. This wasn't initially a concern for owners of VHS home films although as this decade progressed into it is middle years the demand for and availability or VCR's and VHS gear became scarce which made it difficult for owners to find and buy, or have repaired, equipment that would play their old movies.

As VHS technology began to disappear some individuals established businesses particularly for the objective of transferring VHS to DVD. Many of these had been companies that transferred 8mm toVHS in the past and although they sought to incorporate VHS to DVD transfers into their list of services as to remain on the cutting edge of technology and ahead of the curve. These days there are an immeasurable number of companies who offer various digitization services. Some offer 8mm to DVD transfer services whilst other people provide regular VHS to DVD transfer services. There are also a number of companies that provide other digital video services like slides to DVD transfers and some will even location enhanced copies of your slides onto a CD for simple pc access and printing.

Regardless of what any of these companies might provide however their goal remains the same, which is to offer VHS owners with a handy way to watch their old films on a vastly superior format. Those companies who carry out VHS to DVD transfers will tell you too that old home movies on VHS cassettes have a tendency to degrade sharply over time whether they're played or not and can often fall into various types of decay rendering them unplayable. These digitization services move precious home movies from one archaic format to a more modern and reliable and not to mention, a more tough format.

A easy search on-line for VHS to DVD transfers will yield a large number of outcomes, most of which are pretty priced. A small research beyond initial results will yield the company and service that's right for you and your old videos. Transferring VHS to DVD will negate the require for VHS owners to locate a working VCR and find space for it amidst their crowded and modern entertainment centers. It will also offer a better viewing encounter as video and audio are frequently enhanced significantly during the transfer process. With so many benefits to transferring your VHS films to DVD is there any reason to wait?

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