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Urban music seems to be expanding like crazy. The rise of rap sub genres is expanding much more and more daily. It appears like the younger generation is becoming easy, however and nonetheless creative. The newest sub genre of rap is called "trap" and it originates from southern rap. This brand of rap has been produced popular by rap artists such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka, Young Jeezy, an Ace Hood.

A trap beat is a down tempo high power dirty south beat. In musical terms, they generally contain a lot of minor second intervals, or has key modulate in minor seconds. The signature to this style of music seems to be the fast hi hat rolls. Producers and beat makers frequently use higher tempos in the variety of 130 to 165 beats per minutes. Instead of the back beat snare or clap lying on the second and the fourth beats of the bar, a typical 1 bar measure is extended more than two bars and the snare or clap lies on the third and seventh beats. Producers use this method simply because it enables fast quantized drum rolls. Because a drum roll synced at 1/16 would sound like 1/32, and a 1/32 would sound like 1/64. This would permit a sequencer to sequence drums synced at rhythms that sound like 1/128 or 1/256. And there lies the foundation to a trap beat. Producers know the old saying, if you have the drums right, you are half way home.

An additional trend that I notice in trap beats is the heavy use of reverb on the main instrument. There is usually 1 stand out instrument placed with a heavy reverb impact such as a grand piano, electric guitar, or synth. It is generally a simple melody that repeats over and more than and modulates up or down. The technique to the madness is extremely easy, but don't below estimate the complexities that are place into this.

The main element, and most likely the most essential element in a trap beat is the bassline. Lex Luger made the distorted 808 sub bass line extremely popular in this genre. By slightly distorting an ordinary 808 sub gives it the underground "hood" or "trap" feel that seems to be craved by all of the up and coming new artists.

While this new genre of urban music is extremely easy in musical terms, don't below estimate the complexities that are place into it. There is a lot of advance sound style that many producers use to produce their own brand of sound, and the mix techniques that are utilized make up for the lack of musical complexity.

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