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These laundry and trash chute sprinkler heads are developed to automatically activate when they reach 165 degrees. They are threaded with a 1/2″ female connection, which is the standard for all trash chute sprinklers.

A garbage chute sprinkler is situated correct behind the chute intake door at the top of the throat. You are needed to install a sprinkler head on the leading and bottom intake doors in your building, and every other floor in in between.

This replacement component is UL listed and meets all the specifications mandated by NFPA for trash chute sprinkler protection.

Most manufacturers use this sprinkler head with their chute systems.

There is a red thermosensitive glass bulb that is temperature sensitive, and measures 3mm in size. When this part is delivered to you, it will come in a difficult plastic protection. You should remove the orange plastic cover for installation.

trash chute sprinkler protection