Understanding Stress Sleep Disorders

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Poor sleep habits (referred to as hygiene) are among the most common problems now. Gitanjali B, Sivagnanam G, Thirumalaikolundusubramanian P, Sugirda P, Rajeswari J, Namasivayam K: Study of sleep of the knowledge, beliefs, and practice . Lehnkering H, Siegmund R: Sway of chronotype, season, and sex of subject of young adults on sleep behavior. Foley DJ, Vitiello MV, Bliwise DL, Ancoli-Israel S, Monjan AA, Walsh JK: Regular resting is associated with excessive daytime sleepiness, depression, pain, and nocturia in elderly adults: findings from the national sleep foundation '2003 slumber in America' survey.

Our study aimed to assess the sleep hygiene consciousness and also the self-reported quality of sleep among three age groups (young adults, adults and middle-aged adults) and also to discover their relation. Diurnal predilection had not been discovered to play a role regarding sleep hygiene consciousness. As revealed in Table 1 , the consciousness about sleep hygiene in our sample was moderate (mean score 9.2, range ?3 to 20).

Sleep issues are getting to be more common because of lifestyle changes which might be deviating away from getting slumber that is natural. How to sleep is determined by understanding the fundamentals of sleep hygiene and the thing you must do to fall asleep immediately. There are numerous means to encourage a healthier sleep hygiene, but what it really comes down to are the routines you do every day that don't interrupt your sleep cycle. When it's time to go to sleep limit your exposure to man-made lights coming from indoor lighting or technology.

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