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One of the strongest endorsements I can offer of “Force Majeure” is that ?stlund is aware of that latter question the whole way through, but by the end of the film it has become irrelevant. Fredrik Wenzel’s camera most often views Tomas and Ebba from a distance, framing them against the blinding white snow, the blond wood of the hotel’s corridors, the clean, modernist lines of the ski-resort equipment and the anonymous, upscale furniture of their hotel room. But there is also just enough human sympathy, enough sense of irresistible connection, for us to understand that no matter how irritating these people may be, if we wish them ill or take pleasure in their pain that says more about us than about them.

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Mega-Storm Patricia Drenches Mexico, Raising Flooding Fears

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“Inside Out” marks another milestone (after “Brave”) in Pixar’s quiet exploration of feminism; as a co-worker observed, it takes nerve to make an entire film about a tween girl’s inner life instead of a universe of talking toys or anthropomorphized automobiles. Consciously or not, I suspect Docter is also trying to balance out the audience dynamic, and create a movie that might appeal to actual kids. During what might be called Pixar’s high-modernist period, with “Toy Story 3” and “WALL-E” and “Up,” it sometimes felt as if the grand parables about civilization were literally driving the little ones out of the theater. Children who did see those films may well have been puzzled by the dominant themes of regret and loss, sin and forgiveness, mortality (and even apocalypse) ambiguously redeemed. Was this supposed to be Saturday afternoon cinema for the whole family, or a series of illustrated extracts from the Norton Anthology of Poetry?

The gloves are off.

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