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Neurofeedback - Coach Your Brain, It Controls Everything![edit]

Imagine having the ability to exercise you or your child out of:

ADHD learning and behavioural problems mood disorders eating disorders depression anxiety PTSD Within the comfort and privacy of your own home; Neurofeedback can be a powerful way to train you and/or your kid's brain that is fun, easy, non-invasive, safe natural and contains no adverse unwanted side effects.

This is a scientifically proven method that uses 1 or 2 tiny sensors on your head that pick-up brainwaves immediately and sends these phones the computer where they are instantly analysed by the software and used to control brain games or perhaps the height and width of a DVD screen. And that means you are using the human brain power to train your hands just brainwaves!

How do neurofeedback heal this type of wide array of problems?

Your mind ultimately controls everything including your body, everything you do, learn, feel, think and experience is affected by your mind.

In numerous explanations mental performance looks like it's after the causal chain. And then we are told that many thing affect brain function:

diet thoughts emotions hormones neurochemicals That's all true, however, in fact brain tuning may also affect each one of these things and perhaps it's brain tuning this is the source of the down sides.

In case your brain is not tuned properly then you usually do not perform at the best. Your mind is similar to a guitar, whether it is beyond tune even by way of a little it affects performance:

mentally (concentration, memory, comprehension) emotionally (confidence, motivation, mood) behaviourally (overreactiveness, inappropriate behaviour) physically (poor coordination, hormonal imbalance, bloating etc)

many problems we could have are only patterns of brain de-tuning, on the surface method .:

Depression Anxiety ADHD learning and behavior problems PTSD Many stressors can de-tune the human brain like:

accumulated bumps to the head spinal and cranial misalignment accumulated bumps for the head toxins chemicals in food medications drugs electromagnetic pollution gut disorders shock/trauma long lasting stress aging. Genetically you inherit an elementary personality type along with a tendency to de-tune within a certain way. It is a mixture of this genetic predisposition and also the stressors that determine the pattern of de-tuning expressed like a particular problem and/or illness.

Many people are most often more sensitive than the others so even if your stressors are removed their brains tend not to re-tune fully and so need direct brain training to fully recover.

More info about Home Brain Training web page: look at more info.