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The weather is getting colder and colder, and the beautiful ladies must take care of both of them. This year's Hot sale luxury scarves have become a must-have item for autumn and winter. A touch of color enhances your gas field while keeping your wind and cold, when warm coats meet Cheap Fashionable Scarf, how to wear it better, I will teach you how to match.

First, dark scarf + khaki coat, black scarf with camel coat is the most classic color matching method, camel coat with black scarf less some gentle feeling, more handsome! Two colors are specially matched.

If you have enough accents, choose a New cheap scarf with a darker color, or a lighter one or more layering, and a lazy fashion. This kind of collocation also creates a female charm, and there is a desire for boyfriend protection.

Second, the light color scarf + coat, this scarf design two different colors of the stitching looks soft and atmospheric. And it has a very layered sense, and it doesn't feel dull visually. Instead, it can add a lot to the whole.

The light-colored single product is equipped with a reflector, and it can be used to whiten the light at any time. If you wear a coat in the winter and your skin is dull, add a light-colored scarf and let your face shine without powdering.

Third, striped scarf + sweater, this match chooses a very jumping red, red as the main color not only increases the overall color compared to the first two light colors give a warm feeling.

The plaid has always been a classic elemental red plaid scarf to match your girl's sensation, even in the autumn and winter streets can be a beautiful landscape. If you match it, I recommend that the baby can choose a black coat or a knit sweater with a layered and distinct fashion sense.