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Their house wasn't far from the café. Luckily, I was still wearing my work clothes: dress pants and a nice tailored shirt. Nothing special but presentable. When we arrived, her mum didn't seem surprised at all to see me. We smiled, we bowed slightly, we shook hands. Her beautiful daughter had run past us and now waved from inside, encouraging me to come in. Nothing seemed to have changed since last time, even the tea set was on the table. Of course, I remembered our glorious afternoon, and now that Nguyet was coming back with some little treats, I started wondering if it would perhaps be possible to get a little action going right that afternoon.Her mom reached for the thermos on the floor and refilled the tea pot with hot water. She sat down and Nguyet talked a little about me. She filled the cups while her mom kept looking at me amused and appreciative, it seemed. The two women talked a little more, and I reminded Nguyet to tell her mom not to overemphasize the English lessons or teaching. Maybe she could just say 'conversation' or something. Sure enough, her mom excused herself after a little while. She smiled and nodded my way and said to her daughter: "Show him your room!"We got up and walked back to the kitchen. On the way, I saw where her mom did her work on the sewing machine. I hadn't noticed it the last time. Nguyet's mother didn't look up as were passing the open door. Back in the kitchen, we kissed very briefly and then went upstairs holding hands. The downstairs window was covered with a curtain, which I hadn't noticed either. We went into her room and Nguyet closed the door. She switched on the fan, pushed the window open but pulled the small curtain closed. "I think she likes you," Nguyet opened the conversation."Well, let's hope it stays that way. So, what shall we do?" I asked. "Taking you from behind in the bathroom will have to wait til next time, I guess.""There's no rush. And, no, we couldn't do that here," she confirmed."I guess we could alternate between doing it here once a month and going to a hotel, maybe a nicer one on the beach," I summarize how I saw things. "Perhaps we could even spend the whole night together once," I added."That sounds marvelous," she nodded and started to unbutton her blouse.My heart began racing and I reached inside. The bra she was wearing today seemed new, and I asked her if her mom had bought it. She laughed and shook her head AsianPornPussy. Now that she had had her first sexual experiences, Nguyet explained, her mom would probably stop buying her underwear like she was a child. I unbuttoned her shirt fully and opened it. As my dick was getting larger, I motioned her to get onto the bed on her knees. I remained standing next to the bed and lifted up her skirt like you would lift up your vintage car cover in early spring. I placed the lower part of her skirt onto her back, so that her ass and her panties were exposed. She looked back at her own butt to see what I was doing.I let my fingertips travel her butt cheeks and in between touched her pussy ever so slightly through her underwear. After she got goosebumps, I pulled her panties down to her thighs and began fondling her lips. They were moist and separated easily. Her next period was only a few days away, so it would have been fairly safe to mount her, but I didn't want to take any chances. I took off all my clothes and presented my dick close to her face. I was still standing next to the bed and she started stroking my dick. I reached to my left and caressed her pussy again. Nguyet didn't say anything but took my dick in her mouth. She sucked it, let her tongue run along the glans, and moved her head rhythmically. Her pussy was discharging some dew, which I licked off my fingers. I imagined if someone opened the door right now. Nguyet's wet ass with her panties half way down and her pussy half open would have been quite a sight. Her butt was facing the door for some reason. Perhaps her mother had had an affair as a young woman and was now sympathetic as a result. As the position was somewhat uncomfortable for Nguyet, with her head cocked sideways, she let go of my dick and asked if I wanted to lie down or sit on the bed with my back against the wall. She would continue to blow me. "Yeah, but take your clothes off," I requested. She took off her blouse first and then her bra. Her nipples were erect; she was quietly aroused, knowing today would not be a rumpus but, still, it was utterly enjoyable. I leaned against the wall and she lied down on her belly with her legs spread. She was completely naked now. She propped herself up on her lower arms and continued sucking. I reached around her armpits to massage her breasts and caressed her head and hair. After a while, I suggested that she sit on my face, as I wanted to smell and taste some of her nectar that was so unique. We moved closer to the center of the bed and I put a pillow under my head.She placed her knees next to my upper body and adjusted herself so my dick would fit in her mouth, while I could lick her ass and pussy. We both were heaving soon, and I moved on to licking her butthole I spread her pussy juice around her butt cheeks and tickled them more with my fingertips. Once in a while, I reached between us to fondle her titties. Since I hadn't clipped my fingernails, I refrained from entering her pussy. It didn't matter. We were getting carried away by what we were doing to each other, and I exploded in her mouth, albeit quietly this time. I kissed her butt cheeks and pulled myself up a little. She turned around and lied down next to me with her head on my shoulder.