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SPSS Statistics Features The program offers many functions of advanced and basic statistics, as well as 2-variable statistics such as ANOVA and the T-test. It also includes frequencies, cross-tabulations, as well as linear and non-linear models.

Through a series of dialog boxes, the program can perform any analysis of a large amount of data and variables thanks to its efficient design. It also contains a section to edit data and a menu complete enough to make the necessary adjustments.

Among the main analyzes that the SPSS Statistics program performs are descriptive statistical analysis, ANOVAs, time series, regressions, among others. The results obtained are displayed in a separate window, in which the graphics can also be copied and pasted into another document, or you also have the option to “export” either in DOC or PDF format.

In the same way, this program allows building any prediction model through advanced techniques. For text analysis, if you have conducted a survey, the program offers tools that can help as it allows you to extract key information when executing a specific analysis.

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