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Kasauli has a bit of everything... A colonial feel, characteristic british bungalows and charming cottages overwhelmed by the wild beauty of rhododendron bushes in addition to decorative flowers, haunted homes with tales of terror. . The little hill town has an abundance of hawthorn hedges, which develops almost everywhere. Amidst all this, the telephone of the woodpecker or the magpie transports you to another world, prepare yourself with your binoculars to see these chirpers. Churches with stained glass windows are another reminder of this town's British past.

Those who love nature will relish the long walks under the shades of oaks, pines, cypresses and chestnuts with not a soul in sight for long distances... There's no way you can overlook the top and lower malls around one of these expeditions. The upper mall street will direct you to the city's famous landmark named Kasaulu club. Keep walking ad you may reach the town's highest purpose, Monkey Point, which offers a stunning view of the surrounding regions. Do not worry their are no monkeys for the title comes from mythology. . They say when Hanuma was flying for sanjeevani booti, he rested his toes ! And yes there is a monkey temple also, the baba balak temple, where you can provide prayers. In different parts of Kasauli, you will have monkey for business but not here.

Quiet, green & clean could be one way of describing this cantonment town offering a stunning view of snow clad Dhauladhar range. Charmed by its own beauty, litterateur Khushwant Singh is believed to have called it"the location where kissing is always in season". This famed writer holidays almost each year in this city.

Explore the town and you will see stores selling local fruit wines. They taste great, are affordable and include flavours such as cherry, strawberry, apricot, grapes, rhododendrons and citrus. If you want to indulge in a little bit of shopping, check out the stores in mall or even the Tibetan industry. Bring back some mementos in addition to beautiful memories.

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