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Vedic astrology is probably the important fields of Indian Astrology which includes helped many to understand their futures accurately and take well-informed decision inside the lives of countless people. The origin with this art of studying the lives of men and women is based on Vedas. Many learned seers contributed their wisdom, research and analysis which was collated and taught to the distinguished disciples. Also it took greater than thousand years because of this knowledge to visit from your sacred houses of such seers for the common people.

A Vedic astrologer can see using your horoscope and tell the events in your lifetime. The horoscope may be thought as the picture with the positions of planet and constellations during the time of birth. Vedic astrology believes there are 27 constellations which comprise of 12 houses (each house represents some important part of your life), 12 zodiacs and 9 planets. The zodiacs and planets are distributed in every from the 12 houses and the astrologer will easily notice the events based on the specific mix of the location of these signs and planets.

The Vedic Astrology Analysis has three main branches Siddhanta (astronomy), Samhita (Routine Astrology) and Hora (Predictive astrology). Siddhanta concerns the importance of astronomy in astrology. Samhita may be the branch which predicts important and mundane era of community, country and markets like war, natural calamities, political markets, and financial markets. Hora is a wide branch that has several sub-branches like Natal astrology ( Hora Shastra), Elective Astrology (Muhurta), Phonetical astrology (Swar Shastra), Prasha Shastra ( Astrology on specific questions), Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Annual Horoscopy (Varsh Phal), Lost Horoscopy (Nastjaatakam) yet others.

A good and genuine astrologer can see about several events in the lifetime of anyone. Within the ancient times, the Kings used to have royal astrologers who guided them adequately. However, the continuing development of technology and science has subdued the significance of astrologer on community level, nevertheless the individuals do provide importance nowadays too. Vedic astrology has spread its reach for the global community and individuals from all of across have benefitted from your consultancy of Vedic astrologers. However, this mystique art is also being utilized by several self-proclaimed astrologer to earn some quick money. It's peeving to find these folks besmirching the name of, once revered, field of astrology.