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So, you are interested in the Paleo diet plan, well get comfy as I will explain how the this diet plan originated, describe some basic Paleo diet foods and educate you by supplying a realistic concept of the type of results this diet plan brings.

The basis of the Paleo diet is simple as back in the mid 1970's some individuals in the medical profession decided to put with each other a diet strategy based on foods that the caveman ate nicely more than 10,000 years ago.

The reasoning behind this diet was many people in the scientific globe had concluded that the caveman was very physically fit, full of power and free the tragic chronic diseases killing individuals today in the western world.

Just to let you know the chronic diseases I am referring to are the one's that develop gradually and silently causing prolonged severe well being issues and ultimately leading to death. Examples are colon cancer, diabetes, high blood stress and the one that truly scares me, heart illness.

Many individuals fail to realize that these chronic illnesses were not that common as recent as one hundred years ago but today are component of everyday news. Ask any physician or nutritionist why and they will tell it all comes down to a person's diet plan. We are gradually killing ourselves with meals, not just any meals but fatty processed foods filled with preservatives that are typical in most daily diets.

The caveman had many issues during his time but heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes had been not 1 of them. So, just what made the caveman so healthy and totally free from chronic illness? Let's take a appear.

The caveman was a hunter and gatherer who did not plant crops and harvest foods. The caveman survived by eating the foods that his environment supplied. This would be meat and fish, fruits and vegetables along with nuts and berries supplied the cavemen with all the nutrients he required.

From this comes the Paleo diet which is a healthy diet plan made up of all-natural foods. Paleo diet plan foods are daily typical meals but the meals products are prepared fresh not preserved. These diet plan foods are an equal mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

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