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Liposonix technology is new and has been brought into the US to get rid of fat about the waist. This is carried out by utilizing ultrasound waves to reduce the number of cells. The ultrasound waves can be directed at one point in order to focus on a problem area. The great thing about this technology is the reality that you do not have to undergo any surgery.

Fat cell removal by Liposonix treatment

The fat cells are killed by the use of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), which ensures a safe reduction in the fat content in your waist. The beam is focused at a deep level so as not to burn the skin. The treatment is very comfortable and painless. With this treatment you get to shed up to 2 inches from your waist n just a single treatment.

After the Liposonix treatment

The fat cells that are killed are taken out of the body via the lymphatic system in the regular excretory manner. Macrophages come and pick the dead cells and take them to the liver where they are excreted. There is no alter in the body chemistry because the procedure take about 2 - 4 weeks. The process ensures that other fats are redistributed to compensate this loss and you get a much better physique.

The Liposonix treatment candidates

This treatment is provided to each men and ladies who have at least 1 inch of fat under their skin. This is ideal for individuals who are not excessively fat, and just want to reduce the additional pounds about the waist. If you have a BMI that is above 30, then you should go for liposuction. This is for people with a BMI of 30 and below.

The results of the Liposonix treatment

People have been discovered to shed about 1.8 inches following 3 months, which is one pant size down. Even though these results were primarily based on the first machines to be removed, there is a sign that the newer machines may be in a position to remove a lot much more than that. This is great news for people who want to see the results much faster. The study shows that the new machines give results in a week or two.

The side effects of Liposonix treatment

There is some discomfort, which is very mild, particularly with the newer machines. It is possible to control the discomfort with pain medication. It is advisable to take the pain medication about half-an-hour, before you arrive for your treatment. There could be some bruising, or redness following the treatment, but this will rapidly subside.

Liposonix treatment not a weight loss method

This is not a method of oozing weight. This is a process that totally destroys the fat cells. But the fat in the cells is not destroyed and is metabolized by the liver. Once the fat cells die, the ft cannot be stored about your waist, but is redistributed all over your body. So you will not shed weight, but you will have the slimmest waist amongst your peers.

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