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The word green may bring many images to your mind. You may believe of green with envy, greenbacks, a greenhorn, Geico lizard green or how could we neglect Kermit the Frog's famous tune: It Ain't Simple Bein' Green?

So what is the meaning of green as it relates to the residential building industry?

Because "green" is so a lot in the news lately, it would be ideal to come up with a typical definition.

Green building can mean various things to different individuals, but 3 themes seem to emerge from the vast quantity of information written on this subject:

1. Energy Efficiency

2. Non-toxic materials

3. Decreased consumption (fuel and resource conservation)


Let's start with energy efficiency. Are you mortified by the skyrocketing gas prices? Are you shocked by the cost tag on your month-to-month electric/energy bills? In my region of the state, the power company attempted a 43% rate increase in the past year. Prices continue to escalate, and the price of living rises yearly - does your income maintain up with these price increases?

If you look closely at your month-to-month budget, most likely a hefty portion of your outlay goes for fuel, electrical energy, and water consumption. Slashing these expenses could make a huge difference in your cash flow.

Even the U.S.government recognizes the importance of energy efficiency. You may have noticed the Energy Star rating on many appliances because they meet government requirements for energy conservation. Following the lead of numerous other nations, North America is quickly gaining momentum in the quest for knowledge and demand for safer green living.

NON TOXIC Materials

Why the fuss over non-toxic building supplies? Well, if you or your child has allergies , asthma, numerous chemical sensitivity (mcs), or other health problems, you might already comprehend this. If not, then I want you to know that this is a serious problem. And it is one that many builders still do not address (standard building materials are, well, substandard when it comes to health).

Part of the problem is what we don't know. And yes, it can hurt us! From the arsenic in the treated wood that is used to build our decks, to the high levels of formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) in OSB board, kitchen and bath cabinets, insulation,and furniture, to the myriads of chemical substances discovered in traditional carpeting (with some research showing the death of mice who breathe them), we live daily in a toxic soup that has the capacity to render us fairly ill, or at the extremely least, unwell.

Once we become aware of the effects of unsafe building supplies, we will demand alter. The good news is, the options for non-toxic living are increasing quickly. When we know and then insist on safer products, they will become more readily available and costs will decrease. More and much more builders will jump on the bandwagon when they see that the trend is green home building and we hold the wallets!


Reduced consumption has long been emphasized as component of the green movement. You may hear of the plea to buy supplies locally (saving on transportation expenses and reducing pollution), utilizing recycled or reclaimed building supplies, or even building a strawbale home or a rammed earth dwelling. Whilst these are all possibilities, green building does not imply that you need to embrace concepts that are foreign to you.

It is fairly feasible for you to choose a regular building plan, and then merely choose various supplies and systems to "green" that particular plan.

Invest a bit of your time researching the green options accessible for building and remodeling. Do not dismiss the idea because you think it will only be more expensive. Many green suggestions may actually save you a substantial quantity of money in month to month out-of-pocket expenses for energy usage. And of course, it's very hard to put a cost tag on your family's health and well-becoming!