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Commonly used for carrying cargo and transporting various types of materials overseas or via some type of intermodal transport, 20-foot containers are manufactured for durability and flexibility in use and function. Whilst shipping is the main purpose of these large container units, they can be used and repurposed for a diverse multitude of things as soon as it has run the course of its shipping life.

When looking for 20ft containers for shipping or storage purposes, look for a manufacturer or facility that provide an in depth stock of old and new shipping containers that can satisfy your specific container specifications. The most reliable storage and shipping container providers not only provide typical shipping units for sale, but offer a wide range of other services to satisfy your shipping, storage, and repurposing needs.

The best advantage of 20ft storage containers is their strength. Usually, these containers measure 20 feet long, eight feet wide, and eight feet and six inches tall. They are extremely strong modular structures that can withstand heavy cargo and loads for long terms of usage. Even following its shipping life, these containers can be reused in multiple methods, making them a versatile investment for business owners and individuals that require shipping or storage equipment. Some common utilizes for 20ft containers are as follows, along with things you should look for when utilizing them for each:

• Portable Storage - 20ft containers are originally intended for use as portable onsite storage that can be easily be transported between warehouses. A storage container must be watertight and offer ample space and security (locking doors, and so on.) to give you peace of mind while storing goods and products. Storage containers can be used for personal on-site, business, and even on-base military storage.

• Building Site Office- Repurposed containers are also widely used as job site offices and modular workspaces that can easily be picked up and transported from site to site. Containers used for these kinds of projects can either be repurposed from old storage and shipping containers or made particularly to accommodate structural modifications. Durability, steel quality, and flexibility in structure and design are things to look for when repurposing is your intended use.

• Training facilities -- Fire departments and military branches also use 20ft containers as training facilities. Thanks to their strength and durability, 20ft containers make excellent implements for these kinds of training structures. They also provide flexibility, allowing various sorts of modular designs.

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