Which device do I need to broadcast on Twitch

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The streaming industry has complete control over the gaming industry. Today, everyone wants to share their games with others. And if you are interesting enough, you may be able to make money from your stream.
If you decide to take the train and share your game on Twitch, this tutorial will give you all the information you need to get started with Stream. The TRUgaming team has nothing to do with the products or services mentioned immediately. As a successful streamer, we are trying to get you started. Here you will find all the equipment you need for Twitch.
Good pc

Your computer really depends on what you want to broadcast. To play streaming on a PC, you need a more powerful video card. However, you don't need such a powerful computer to run low-quality games. In general, the following computer specifications are recommended for high-quality streaming as a computer.
• Processor: Intel Core i5-4760 processor or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB or RAM
• Operating system: Windows 7 or later
Twitch account
Of course, streaming on Twitch requires a Twitch account. Sign up for free, create an avatar, add a banner and description, and let your audience know a little about you. Navigate and click Sign In in the upper right corner.
Headphones and microphone
Headphones and microphones are a must if you really want to be popular in your stream. Viewers want to communicate and interact with the flow. This is done using a headset and microphone. If the microphone is of poor quality, some viewers may even abandon the stream. Here are some tips on what you should get. However, do not use headphones and composite microphones.
• Zalman ZM Mic1. This microphone is suitable for beginners and the value for money is relatively high. This is a clip-on microphone that fits headphones and earplugs.
• Blue Yeti USB microphone. This Yeti Blue USB microphone is new, inexpensive and has excellent quality on the market. Widely recognized as the best desktop microphone. It offers professional sound quality, professional look and is easy to install with USB cable. It also takes a long time.
• Hyper-X Cloud RevolverS. For HF, it is recommended for many different streamers and numerous positive product tests. There are no good gaming headphones for less than $ 200. The sound and isolation are incredible and definitely a reliable product.
Streaming software or capture card
This is probably the most important part of the device list, because the public can watch the game. This section depends on where you launch it. For example, streaming from a PC is different from streaming on a PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Split according to different devices.
Requires streaming software on your computer
In a previous blog post we talked about the best streaming software on the market, but still provide a short summary. When streaming from a PC, some streaming software is required. Two free and frequently used streaming programs are xSplit Gamecaster and Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). Both work perfectly and are great at first, especially since they are not expensive. It allows for basic editing and additional features such as headsets and webcams.
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Start with Xbox One and PS4
If you are streaming from an Xbox One or PS4 application, you can stream directly from the console without any additional hardware or software. Just download the free Twitch app for Xbox One and stream from there. Xbox One users can also stream from the Microsoft mixer environment. On PS4, you can stream directly from the system's Share menu. These streaming settings do not allow you to customize streaming like a computer, but are still a quick and effective way to start streaming.
For other game consoles, you will need a capture card
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If you want more control over the stream or a stream from another console such as a Nintendo Switch, you need a capture card. The capture card saves the game from the console to your computer. The capture card required depends on the game being streamed. Here are two tips.
• Elgato Game Capture HD. Only Google search shows that many streamers use Elgato capture cards. On almost all systems with HDMI output, such as Xbox One / 360, PS4 / PS3, Wii U, this single card is affordable at $ 129 and 1080p video capture is perfect. Very easy to use, there is also a component adapter for i console parent. You can also upgrade to Elgato Game Capture HD60 for better streaming.
• Portable Avermedia live gamer. Avermedia Live Gamer Portable is another popular capture card for streaming on the go. This thin, lightweight, USB-based card is much easier to install and start up than an internal card, but offers excellent quality. The quality may not be as good as the quality of the internal card, but the portability of this card is the best.
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A webcam is not a required device for streaming on Twitch. Therefore, it is entirely your responsibility whether you use it or not. Many lines that do not use a webcam but have comments left. However, many viewers typically create webcams because they look at the player's face and respond to different situations. When choosing a webcam, we recommend the following:
• Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam. This webcam was called "webcam for everyone". If you don't need anything special, this is probably the ideal product. It offers professional 1080p image, excellent low light performance, auto focus function, flexible image control and is very cheap. Installation is very easy, usually less than $ 80.
• Logitech C922. This webcam offers all the features of the Logitech C920 a little more. Basically, the C920 is focused on games. In addition to the superior features of the C920, this product offers better quality and backup features in low light conditions. However, the cost is clearly higher than Logitech C920.
This is the perfect answer to the question which device should be sent to Twitch. Hopefully you can see these products and start streaming. In addition, TRUgaming is not affiliated with these products. We only give friendly advice.
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