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For many years a lingering question has always bugged me. Who are the Extraterrestrials?

Over the years I have had get in touch with with many of them. The lingering problem was I had never noticed their faces. The only time I had caught a glimpse of them was during a visit in Sedona Arizona. In this specific instance, I saw them but their heads resembled a horse head and this did not seem correct.

I finally realized because of the distinction in the space time continuum in between their dimension and ours, their bodies had been distorted, as a result their heads seem longer than they had been.

The on going message had usually been that it did not make any distinction exactly where they came from or what they looked like, it was the message that was essential. I could fully understand that, just as in this dimension, it doesn't make any distinction if Jesus said it, Confucius, or the janitor in your building. The message is what is essential.

Lastly early this morning, I was communicating with one of them in a dream and he suddenly turned around so I could see his face, it was me, or my future self!

I lastly understood what I had been told for all these years, They are we. With out us they cannot exist. They are our future selves. They are concerned about how we treat the planet and what type of globe we leave them. Years ago the message always seemed to center around protecting the atmosphere and their concern we might blow ourselves up in a nuclear war.

These issues certainly nonetheless exist, but these days the message has more to do with our actions and the direction our society is going in regard to the disdain of many concerning God's all-natural laws.

Since they are us and we are them, and they are our future selves, if we mess it up, who do you believe gets to fix it?

Many older individuals do not seem to believe they need to worry about the state of our nation, they seem to believe they will be dead before any significant changes come about, whilst many of the younger individuals are oblivious to the entire matter.

It concerns everyone, it does not matter how old you are, there is no guarantee we can last another thirty years the way things are going, and in addition to that do you truly want to leave the globe in the mess it is in to your grandchildren?

The baby boomers built the most advanced and modern nation ever known to mankind. We have luxuries and benefits that are the envy of the globe. We have a lot to be thankful for and proud of. The one mistake we made was to spoil our offspring and not make life hard for them so they would appreciate it, we did not teach the values that made this nation fantastic. Many have no respect for themselves or each other.