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Today’s sector is full of a bunch of masks from different companies and of different quality. Then again, the question will be, which is the very best face mask? As a great knowledgeable and even reliable face face mask supplier, Dony Garment Firm believe that all of our product or service - Dony Face mask will certainly meet all of your current demands of quality around a nose and mouth mask. So which usually advantages perform our markers provide? Time to find out in this article.

Dony Mask: Precisely what is it has the specifications?

Three sheets

Dony Mask will be a 3-ply towel confront mask which is developed underneath the standards that are encouraged because of the Ministry connected with Health within Vietnam.

plus Outer part: It is certainly completely water resistant and can guard against high risk droplets, reducing viral infection.

plus Middle layer: The idea thwarts air dust, small dust and other harmful real estate agents through entering users’ nose together with mouth.

+ Inner coating: It hinders 99. 9% of harmful bacteria from assaulted.

Dony antibacterial cloth mask

Water resistance

Dony Masks is 100% waterproof thank you to the layer involving water-resistant material that is granted World-wide Intertek Certificate with 100 things.

Antibacterial ability

Each of our cloth masks can reduce 99. 9% bacteria from entering through the solutions. Notable, after you clean a new Dony mask sixty days periods, it remains antiseptic.

Droplet prevention

Though Dony Mask is definitely made of towel, the idea is able to protect against droplets from clinging to be able to the cover up, which will definitely limit viral infection.


You can find this comfortable and in order to as soon as having to wear Dony Mask for a longer time. This is due to their soft nose link, elastic cord, and remarkable breathing resistance (mmH2O) on 1. 8 (an exceptional level).

Its strap can prolong 270 percent connected with original length, which reduces the discomfort for users when wearing the face mask for a long occasion.

How s Dony Mask produced?

Dony Mask can be made under a complete closed down process comprising of three steps: Packing - Sealing -- Sterilization.

Notable, to make sure almost all Dony Cover up items are brand new, Dony seal masks with all the superheating system. As well, Dony Mask’s packages are made of a certain primary plastic getting together with the standards and passageway aseptic inspection.

Dony antiseptic cloth mask

Additionally , Dony Mask is definitely sterilized by Ethylene oxide fuel (E. U gas). Electronic. O gas has capacity to permeate the tiniest of routes and damage all kinds of microorganisms and malware. This technologies is at this time being employed in sterilizing a comprehensive variation of materials want medical devices, masks, in addition to work-wear uniforms.

With often the technologies of E. O natural gas sanitation in the last packaging, Dony Masks is ready to become used straight after you take it out associated with its package. Likewise, the idea still guarantees good health without any viruses as well as bacterial infection from the particular first of all use.

Which will standards does Dony Cover up meet?

& FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION Certificate concerning safety standards for goods released to the US ALL. market.

& ISO 9001: 2015 Document for considering the quality of deal with masks.

+ C. E. Certificate about safety specifications that products exported on the European market must fulfill.

+ TUV Reach License for not including harmful chemicals and allergens.

plus Free of cost Export Certificate demonstrates the protection of products for you to users.

plus Aseptic examination certificate because of not made up of damaging microorganisms.

and up. Intertek Certificate: 100% water-proof (this is usually a maximum level), AND ALSO resistance at 99. 95% (Equivalent to high class sunlight cream), more than 99. 9% antibacterial even soon after 62 washes.

Benefits when buying Dony wholesale towel face face masks

At the moment, Dony is usually offering often the following benefits for each mate and realtor.

and up. An chance to be the exclusive partner of Dony that is allowed to be able to sell DONY MASK with a great elite territory.

plus Presented special policy of main concern manufacturing and best prices.

+ Be given excellent support from Dony’s income and production staff.

and up. Being advertised in Dony’s official website.

+ Get free sample making (packaging, company logo, and label) based on the requirements of buyers.

Dony Mask: What is its specifications Granted support for relevant documents and certificates in the event needed.

+ Buyer proprietary protection policy.

+ Given media support on both overseas and local stations.

In conclusion, Dony Mask will never let anyone down throughout their high quality and performance in protecting against droplets, bacteria and infections. If you want further information about Dony Mask, you could take a look at the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfFJ_7igaRE

Or else you could visit Dony’s formal website:
dress. dony. vn

In case, you want to place a great buy for Dony Mask, here are all necessary steps for you:

& Email us via the call information below.

+ Focus on all requirements for the order

+ Be given free of charge examples (you will be liable for distribution cost)

+ Downpayment 50% of the overall associated with the order

& Dony will produce structured on the requirements associated with the order and affirm when the order is usually done

plus Customer will certainly make 100% repayment by bank transfer

+ Shipping (Delivery fee will likely be paid for by Dony)

DONY Garment Company

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