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If you're decorating this year to freshen up your home décor prior to the autumn and the colder darker days and are wondering how to invest your hard earned money on pieces which will truly last as well as create a huge distinction for your home interior and style, then you should think about purchasing new cow hide rug. In current years these wonderful, natural and hard wearing home style accent pieces have been making a dramatic comeback for contemporary home style choices.

Most people don't even think about these rugs for their houses simply because they believe that they only really belong on the floors of huge old-style country mansions which have deer antlers about the wall and a trophy room and library but they could not be more incorrect!

Cow hide rugs are a fantastic accent piece for your home décor that suits well many different types of houses and apartments plus they are just as complimentary in your own home - which may be a trendy and modern studio apartment as they are in a much more traditional old-style ranch house. In addition they match heavy old Victorian furniture just as nicely as complementing much more minimalist modern furniture that is very popular with those looking for a much more contemporary urban 'chrome chic' look. For these who have a home filled with IKEA flat pack furniture you will be amazed how a cow hide rug will accent this minimalist style method whilst not subverting it.

Cow hide rugs are by their very nature distinctive simply because of exactly where they come from - the skin of a cow. No two skins are identical so no two cow hide rugs are ever the same which means your extremely own rug will be distinctive. Similar to leather you may also have a cow hide dyed to any colour you want - red is currently extremely popular (as it usually has been!). You might also want to consider a rug that is dyed to resemble a Zebra skin rug if that takes your fancy.

An additional great aspect about cow hide rugs is they put on extremely well. They seem at their finest as soon as they've been used and as they age and are worn in, they create a lot much more of a distinct personality. As a outcome they are a home style piece that you'll want to maintain about for a long time - they'll grow old with you! These cow hide rugs are consequently nicely worth the cost to purchase and with so many importers and retailers they have by no means been more cost effective in real terms than ever before.

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