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Divorce - a Primer

Even though most couples enter a marriage with high hopes for its lengthy term achievement, life has a way of throwing obstacles in front of even the most committed partners. Sadly, not all marriage partnerships can successfully navigate these obstacles. Other people see the couple develop apart as people over time, to the point where they understand that they will be happier if the union is dissolved. Divorce is the outcome, and is an experience that a fantastic number of individuals will go via each and every year. But while characterizations in popular media and culture often portray divorce as a conflict-wracked, stressful experience, there is an additional way: Divorce Mediation.

The Benefits of Mediation

Not every marriage ends in a slew of attorney's charges and painful divisions of property and possessions. Growing numbers of people going via divorce choose to hire a divorce mediator to help them make it via the procedure of obtaining a divorce. Mediation is, in contrast to litigation, a procedure that emphasizes joint decision making and helping couples come to their personal agreement regarding the outcome of the divorce proceedings. Exactly where two attorneys are incentivized to fight over every and each detail of a divorce settlement in order to safe the best feasible fiduciary outcome for their client, mediators (who can be attorneys) are trained to talk to each parties and help them come to a mutually satisfying settlement. This can be instrumental in avoiding the frequently painful procedure of taking a contested divorce through the legal system. In many cases the parties to the divorce leave the mediated procedure with a sense of closure that assists them move on with their lives.

The Job of a Divorce Mediator

A divorce mediator is not somebody who is educated to help one side or the other "win" a divorce. And it is foolish to hire one intending that the mediator make the choices for the affected parties. Rather, a great divorce mediator will engage each parties in a respectful, healthy dialogue to ascertain who values what the most and who needs what things to leave the marriage partnership with out bitterness. In this process, the divorce mediator successfully facilitates a mutually agreeable dissolution to the marriage, just as if two companies were mutually agreeing to finish a contract. This is not to say that conflict is banned outright, as no emotionally charged process can be anticipated to resolve without some strong feelings being expressed, but conflict is geared towards each sides accepting a settlement they can be pleased with. For all the above reasons any couple contemplating divorce should contact a educated mediator to discuss their options throughout the course of divorce proceedings.

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