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Have you ever heard of the red herring method? Generally in negotiation situations?

Nicely place merely it's where one party in the process knows precisely what they want out of the deal but due to the win-win negotiation tactics taught in school they look for a decoy or distraction that will make you feel like you won something out of the deal as well. The red herring.

What is this got to with your network and your SIMlock?

Nicely mobile networks want your money, badly. They want you to sign up with them but they need you to feel like you got some thing out of the deal as well. So what do you get precisely? Yep you guessed it! It's the brand spanking new top of the range shiny mobile phone or handset. That is their red herring.

You see mobile phones do not make money on the phones or handsets at all. No siree. They buy them in bulk and get them at dirt inexpensive costs but they make money on the minutes, add ons, Internet access, roaming charges, image and text messages and so on. They want you to use the phone and talk and text and get online and buy any other unnecessary add-ons you can believe of.

So how do they make certain you use their phone and not an additional network's services? It's clear is not it? It is SIMlock. If you asked your network to unlock your phone they would usually charge you a release fee of some sort or make you wait for some sort of mandatory period of time just so they can make enough money from you.

Independent agents will unlock most phones for a nominal charge but nonetheless the networks hit back by making warranties and insurances invalid just so you are not encouraged to leave them at any point before they make their money from you.

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