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Services like Dropbox offer not only to store your files however a hundred other functions of varying usefulness. One of those features is even working against its very own purpose! Yes, I’m discussing the dreaded “sync” button. It looks friendly, nevertheless it could be downright evil!

The Sync Button Pretends to Backup As a user, you think the sync button is there to help you, when in fact it's there to help the cloud provider only. You think it helps you backup your files and at first, that's precisely how it really works.

Little are you aware, that it is only tricking you into believing in their benevolence much more fact it's far from that.

See, you will know sync stands for synchronize and that synchronizing two different folders of files, means they should contain the same files. Which means you imagine putting files inside your local folder and then they can be found in your cloud folder. Success, right? Wrong!

Yes, that takes place in the beginning, but it’s part and parcel of a plot to trick you.

That they Ruin Your Backup What are the results when you run from space on your own local folder, whether it’s on your own laptop or over a phone? You must delete something or stop taking new pictures.

However, if something important is occurring at the front people plus you've got to capture this memory - but you're out of space on your own phone, then you'll frantically delete something to make space for all those new photos.

A valuable thing you'd that backup all photos with all the clever sync button, right? No, that devil just sync’ed your deleted photo, meaning it is deleted inside the cloud also and gone forever!

Why they ruin backup for you personally In a nutshell, they don’t care about your needs very much.

They care about yourself using their service and paying for it, and then they care about your needs not costing them also much. This is where the sync button comes in. By linking your cloud storage to your local storage, they generate a natural limit for the way much it is possible to store. When you run from space on your own hard disk drive it means you won’t be storing more within the cloud either.

How Myra Cloud is unique Quite simply, there's no sync button in Myra Cloud. We do not sync your files. We just assist you to backup your files so that you never lose them. We, genuinely wish to solve this issue for you personally.

Myra Cloud isn't a charity, but we view top notch how our users reward us by upgrading to Premium when they experience how Myra Cloud has solved, once and for all, the issue of how to keep your most precious photo memories safe.