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File:Http://media3.picsearch.com/is?kig2510uXP70VulZq3pGRo7vIDmRaqBAO3GSuRlsJ6c&height=209Some polyurethane adds an amber tone to wood. Here's more information regarding Fine Woodworking look into the website. Caution Wear goggles, gloves, kneepads, hearing protection and a respirator or dust mask during this project. Likewise, remove any loose bristles from your natural-bristle brush. Load the sander with 30-40 grit sandpaper. Tools & Materials Tools Random Orbital Sander (rental) Handheld Sander Belt Sander Detail Sander Hammer Pry Bar Respirator or Dust Mask Hearing Protection.
If the resulting holes won't be included in moulding, fill them with a wood filler putty prior to sanding. Since drum sanders are harder to handle and open the door for potential marrying, you might consider hiring a professional. Eliminate the doors. Step 6 Examine the floor. Caution Never skip multiple sandpaper grade in each sanding session. For flat floors, use a random orbital sander.