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There are two primary choices that go into making the perfect yearbook. The first is the software used to design the book. The second decision is making certain that the printing of the yearbook goes effortlessly and smoothly, mainly driven by the yearbook company you work with. With these two decisions below control, your school can count on getting an amazing yearbook.

There are many different software options for making the perfect yearbook. Each year, students make their yearbook the most important book for that graduating class. Many individuals maintain their yearbooks for as long as they live and look back on them often. This puts a lot of pressure on the design and layout of the yearbook. There are companies that offer yearbook software for schools, but choosing the right one can be a daunting choice.

Types of yearbook software: For schools who want to produce the yearbook layout for themselves, there are many various kinds of yearbook pc programs to help. Selecting the correct yearbook software is essential for several factors. First of all, the cost of the software is a large part of the yearbook budget. Secondly, the type of software that is chosen is essential simply because every software program has different strengths and weaknesses.

  • Many computer systems are currently loaded with the suite of Microsoft workplace tools (e.g., Word, Powerpoint). Buying a new license typically in the variety of $250-300 (much less for academic licenses).

Operating with your yearbook printer

There are a number of yearbook companies that do a great job helping schools with their yearbooks every year. Jostens, Entourage Yearbooks, Lifetouch, and Taylor Yearbooks are a couple of of the most well-liked. There are 4 locations in specific you can ask your yearbook printer for help with in regards to your yearbook software.

1. Templates & clip art - Get your hands on the library of templates and clip-art used. Most companies have a CD that they can distribute to assist you get the basics right first. Entourage Yearbook offers a good comprehensive "starter-kit" with templates & clip art.

2. Electronic & printed proofs - Make certain to ask for each a printed and electronic proof (generally PDF) from your printer to make sure the book looks the way it does on your pc.

3. Discounted software - Many yearbook companies can offer software at lower that list costs, ask about discounts and provides.

4. Technical support - Your yearbook company can offer technical support beyond what the software company can usually provide on page specification and color palettes. Make certain you know who to get in touch with for which concerns.

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