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I should start this review by stating that I received this product free for review from the manufacturer. Regardless, my review will remain balanced and sincere as to my experience with the product. I should also note that my experience with concentrates is extremely limited have only started using them with any frequency lately. Also I have only used a couple of other wax pens, so my comparisons will be limited.

Now let’s forge ahead. The evolve kit comes in a nice package, with a single battery and atomizer housing, two coil heads or atomizers, a dabber tool, and a usb charger. The instructions had been limited to the back of the box but I have surmised the battery is most likely about 700mah give or take, and the atomizer heads measure at a resistance of .8 ohms. This product has been generating good reviews all around the web for each the quality of the product and the reasonable price, and you can add my review to the pile.

Considering you can purchase this kit for below 25 USD at numerous websites, the Evolve is very well made and performs way out of its cost variety. The quartz coils are powerful and flavourful, the atomizer head has an interior cap on it to include wax from spilling and splattering, and the airflow is extremely nice. It only gets clogged sometimes and a couple of pulses of the battery will free up the airflow rapidly. I recommend pulsing the battery when utilizing it as the coils can burn a little hot and affect flavour with continuous application of power. I have gone via at least 2 grams of wax with the first atomizer I’ve used and it’s still going powerful. I’ve offered the head a couple of quick ISO washes with no degradation.

The only improvements I can see making is the battery’s base should allow it to stand up better (a small but annoying complaint) and perhaps the battery’s voltage should be toned down a bit, as continuously pressing the button gives huge hits but flavour suffers. All in all, a fantastic offering from Yocan that most likely should be the first option for a wax pen for individuals on a spending budget.

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